Criminal Investigations

C.I.D. is typically staffed by those women and men who have successfully tested for the position of Detective, and demonstrated a natural proficiency for investigating crimes while they were assigned to patrol duties. Aside from conducting investigations, Detectives also perform a number of collateral duties such as participating on Special Operations Teams, conducting joint investigations with other law enforcement agencies, or assisting other departmental divisions. All investigative personnel must be able to coordinate their activities and maintain a positive relationship with the victims they serve.

Crime Scene Investigations Unit

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is a branch of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Horry County Police Department. The Crime Scene Investigations Unit responds 24 hours a day to support Patrol and Detective personnel in the investigative, documentary and recovery process of evidence at crime scenes. The Crime Scene Unit assists in the investigation of homicides and violent crimes, in addition to any other investigation where their services may be helpful. Crime Scene Unit personnel receive specialized training in crime scene reconstruction, photography, latent fingerprints, DNA collection, chemical application, alternative light sources, evidence handling and processing. In addition, they are trained in the casting of tire and shoe impressions, impression analysis, blood pattern analysis, and trajectory analysis. The Crime Scene Unit uses a state-of-the-art AFIS (Automated fingerprint investigation system) to review, capture and identify fingerprints and partial prints lifted from crime scenes. This AFIS equipment has helped identify and solve countless investigations by comparing fingerprints to the state and federal fingerprint databases. The Crime Scene Unit is the forensic services section of the Horry County Police Department. The mainstream field of forensics is fingerprinting, latent print lifting and latent print examination and analysis. Crime Scene Unit personnel are charged with the forensics portion of the investigation, from their arrival at the scene all the way through providing expert testimony at trial. The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is required to preserve, collect, process, testify and present evidence in court. All of these skills are applied to physical evidence to determine if the evidence matches the version of events provided by victims, witnesses, or suspects.

Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for investigation of all violent crimes against individuals. These investigations include homicide, sex related crimes, robberies (Robbery Checklist), and assaults. The Major Crimes Unit works closely with victim's advocates to insure the needs of each crime victim are met. Should you become the victim of a crime, there are certain actions you should take to help police resolve the issue (What if I am the victim of a crime?). The unit is centrally located in Conway, SC, and is comprised of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and fourteen Detectives. Major Crimes can be contacted at 915-5350 or 915-8345.


The Horry County Narcotics and Vice section is responsible for the investigation of crimes related to the sale, possession or attempted possession of illegal substances, gambling, and prostitution. Members of the Horry County Narcotic and Vice section subscribe to the belief that even causal substance abuse contributes to the illegal substance supply and demand cycle. Moreover, the abuse of illegal substances tends to be a latent motif that intermingles through larceny, prostitution and violent crimes. The Horry County Police Department’s Narcotics and Vice section are fully committed to an assertive and proactive approach to the apprehension and prosecution of anyone possessing, distributing or using illegal substance.

Property Crimes

The Property Crimes Section is responsible for investigation of all property related crimes to include Burglary, B & E Auto and Larceny. There are two Property Crimes Detectives assigned to each precinct. Please contact the precinct you reside in to reach the property crimes detectives.

Street Crimes

The Horry County Police Departments Street Crimes Unit is a proactive patrol unit comprised of patrol officers, K9 Units. The Street Crimes Unit works problem areas all over the county and answers complaints to locations of high criminal activity based on tips and statistical data. This Unit works closely with local agencies as well as State and Federal Agencies. Their duties include enforcing the laws of the State of South Carolina, recovering stolen property, apprehending wanted persons, identifying Gang Members, and drug interdiction.