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Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

Per the Horry County Code of Ordinances, Appendix B Zoning, Article XVII, the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)are the following:

  • To review and recommend to the Horry County Council the designation of individual historic properties, buildings, resources, sites, landmarks and historic districts
  • To review plans and applications for construction, rehabilitation and restoration on historic properties, resources or sites, to historic landmarks or buildings, or within historic areas or districts, and any demolition pertaining to or affecting duly designated historic properties, resources, sites, buildings or districts
  • To coordinate with the comprehensive land use area plans
  • To approve, deny or approve with conditions the demolition or alteration of building exteriors, or interiors, if designated as historic. The HPC also shall review proposed new construction in a historic district
  • To review and comment on National Register of Historic Places nomination and exercise other duties specifically needed by a community
  • To maintain an inventory of local historic properties (see Historic Property Register below)
  • Promote education about historic preservation and procedures (See Projects below)

Commission Members

Member Contact Term Expires
Susan Platt Chair
Patricia Mallett Vice Chair
Bill Strydesky
James B. Thompkins III (Jamie)
Joel Carter
Lesta Sue Hardee
Ben Burroughs
Heath Platt
Alan Todd
Lisa Kopro
Yasmine Crawford STAFFPlanning and Zoning
(843) 915-8731

Horry County Historic Property Register

The following properties have been designated as landmarks under the County’s ordinance and added to the Horry County Historic Register.

Special Property Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Properties

Rehabilitating your historic property? The Horry County Special Property Tax Incentive Program offers an assessed property value freeze for 15 years.

All three of the following documents are needed for the initial application of the Special Tax Assessment.

In addition, there are state and federal tax credits available for historic rehabilitation projects. Contact the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)for more information.

Legacy Business Recognition Program

Pays tribute to local businesses that have contributed to the economic heritage of Horry County for more than 50-continuous years. In 2016, the BAR won a Preservation Service Award from the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation for the Horry County Legacy Business Recognition Program

The following businesses have been recognized by the BAR as a “Horry County Legacy Business”:

Dunes Realty
Dunes Realty was opened in 1969, and the original owners were William G. Nichols, Jr. and James Devers. The current owners are W. Gairy Nichols III and J. Roddy Swain. The business does both real estate sales and vacation rentals.
Garden City Pavilion
Garden City Pavilion Arcade was founded in 1969 by Georgie and Bill Martin. Bill has since passed and a new partner, Forrest W. Clark came on board in 2021. The arcade offers family entertainment with a mixture of old and new games, and has even added Gigi’s Grill under the roof for a complete experience.
Garden City Furniture
Garden City Furniture was opened by Hubert Watson and incorporated in 1962. The current owners are Dianne (Hubert’s daughter) and Joey Ray. Although more difficult now, the furniture store still seeks out manufactures from the USA.
Horry Electric
On September 20, 2021 the Historic Preservation Commission recognized the Horry Electric Cooperative. On April 25, 1940, 627 charter members met with the goal of bringing electricity to rural communities and on January 7, 1941 the system was energized. Fast Forward to 2021 and this non-profit member-owned organization, has become the second largest electric cooperative in South Carolina in terms of meters.
Village Surf Shoppe
Palmetto Chevrolet
Palmetto Chevrolet began as Lee’s Chevrolet in 1930, and became Palmetto Chevrolet in 1942, making the dealership 84-years old! Palmetto occupies multiple historic buildings and is an icon in historic downtown Conway.
Nye’s Pharmacy
The four Nye brothers established the Nye’s Drugs chain of stores in 1928, making the business 87-years old! The current Nye’s Pharmacy is the last remaining store of the Nye chain of drug stores. The first location was on Main Street in Conway (closed in 1971), and there were also locations in Mullins and Myrtle Beach. The current Nye’s Pharmacy location was built in 1953, and it is one of the city’s only examples of modern style architecture, making it an icon in historic Conway. It was originally owned by David Sherwood Nye, Sr. and R. Bruce Nye. David Sherwood Nye, Jr. (Jimmie) continued the family tradition until his retirement in1994. Kevin Martin took over the reins for 20 years, and now Matt and Tiffany Combs continue the tradition of serving Conway citizens with their medical needs.
Conway National Bank
The Conway National Bank began as the Bank of Horry in 1903, and became The Conway National Bank in 1914, making the business 112-years old! The Conway National Bank is an icon in Horry County. Today, CNB operates 14 offices in Horry County and the Waccamaw Neck area of Georgetown County.
Peaches Corner
The Myrtle Beach landmark known as Peaches Corner has remained a symbol of summer for visitors and locals since it opened its doors 78 years ago. The restaurant, originally known as the Atlantic Ale House, was started by Lillian Justice Peach in 1937. The location had previously been used as a bath house, because of its close proximity to the Old Myrtle Beach Pavilion and the beach. In 1943, the restaurant was purchased by Johnny and Eunice Burroughs. They decided to keep the established name “Peaches”. Ownership of the restaurant was passed down to the Burroughs’s daughter Pamela Crutchfield, who managed the restaurant until the past decade when her son-in-law Briggs Dickerson took over as restaurant manager.
The Conway landmark known as Donzelle’s Restaurant began in 1962 by Willard “Dick” Dickerson and his wife Donzelle Dickerson. When the restaurant first opened, the Dickersons served breakfast lunch and dinner. One of their specials known as the meat plus three was offered for thirty-five cents, today the same special is offered for eight dollars and fifty cents. Today, Larry and his brother Russell are second-generation owners of Donzelle’s Restaurant. Russell Dickerson manages the front house and Larry takes care of the kitchen and catering.
Hucks & Washington Furniture
Hucks & Washington Furniture Company was founded in 1946 by Curtis Hucks and his nephew Sam Washington. Prior to this, Sam majored in music and minored in business. Having gone to USC on the GI Bill, Sam served in the Navy in WWI. After the war, he returned home and his uncle Curtis convinced him to open a furniture store rather than teaching piano. The store flourished and grew over the years. In 1968, at the death of Curtis, Sam took over as sole owner. In the 1990s, Sam’s daughter Anne took an active role in the family business. She became owner in 2010 when her father passed away.
Norman’s Cleaners
In 1962, Norman Moore opened Norman’s Cleaners at its original location on 3rd Avenue in Conway...making it 54 years old! From there, the business moved to Law Street, and then in 1972 settled at the current location on 4th Avenue. This current location was originally a car service station built in the 1940s that Norman renovated, including closing the garages. Prior to the car service station, a theater had been on the property. When Norman passed away, his son Tommy Moore became owner of the business. Tommy and his son Bradley now run the business together. Norman’s Cleaners not only has 3rd generation owners, but they also have 3rd generation employees.
Goldfinch Funeral Home
The Goldfinch Funeral Home family owned business was founded in 1905 and has now entered its fifth generation of ownership with Megan Goldfinch Hayden.
Ocean Fish Market
The Conway Landmark known as Ocean Fish Market was founded by George Martin in the early 1940s…making it around 75 years old! Marie Shelley Graham began working for Mr. Martin when she was 18, and ultimately co-owned the business for 50 years. Her daughter, Janice Graham Jordan also worked at the Ocean Fish Market. Janice’s husband, F.W. Graham, co-owning the business with Marie until it was sold to the current owners, the Hardees, in 1998. Diane and Ray Hardee, and their daughter Jennie, now own and run the business. The business remained in the family, as Diane is the niece of Marie. Therefore, Jennie is a 4th generation owner! The business was originally located across the street from its current location; it was moved just a few years after opening its doors. The current building was originally used as a blacksmith shop in the early 1900s. You can still see the metal rings on the brick wall outside, where people would tie up their horses when they came into town.
The Gay Dolphin
The family-owned and operated Gay Dolphin Gift Cove was opened in 1946 by Justin Whitaker Plyler, Sr. and Eloise Plyler. In 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed the original store, but it was rebuilt on the same site. The current owner, Justin “Buz” Plyer, Jr., started working for his parents at the Gay Dolphin at the age of 8.
The Bowery
Since 1944, the Bowery has been a Myrtle Beach landmark. The house band from 1973-1980 was famous country group “ALABAMA”, who still make appearances. Victor Shamah has owned the Bowery for more than 30 years.
WF Cox
The family-owned and operated WF Cox was opened in 1953. Steve Cox is the owner and a strong supporter of the community. His motto is, “We live here, we work here” and treats customers like family, offering floor covering and major appliances throughout Horry, Marion, Columbus and Brunswick Counties.
Wolpert’s Department Store
Bernard and Katie Wolpert emigrated from Russia to New York. A cousin who lived in Whiteville convinced the couple to move to Loris, where they opened Wolpert’s Department Store in 1938. The Wolperts, with the help of their son Robert, owned the business until 1992 when it was purchased by the current owner Gene Mills.
Loris Drug Store
The first drug store in Loris was known as Loris Drug Store. The business has been in Singleton Bailey’s family since 1947, with his father working there several years prior.
Hardwick’s Funeral Home
In 1921, Jennings Hardwick began selling caskets at Peoples Hardware Store, and used his truck as a funeral coach. In 1948, Harold Hardwick, Jennings' son, began working in the business when he was only 14. After the passing of both father and son, the 3rd generation, Stephen Hardwick, became the owner and operator. Hardwick Funeral Home provides funeral, burial and cremation services as well as life celebration services.
Graham Brothers Farm Supply
Graham Brothers Farm Supply started in 1948 when Harvey Graham, Sr. began selling fertilizer, fruit, Christmas trees, and hail insurance. In 1951, he and his brother Horace built a feed mill, and then a farm supply store on Railroad Ave. In 1965 Harvey Jr. joined the family business, and Harvey the 3rd joined in 1986. Today, Harvey the 3rd and Harvey the 4th (Grayson) continue successfully operating the feed and grain supply store.
Owens Steel
Owens Steel was opened in 1965, by William H. Owens. The current owners are his daughter, Jan Benton (President) and son, Mike Owens (Vice-President).
Patrick’s Mobile Home Park
Patrick’s Mobile Home Park opened in in 1970 on land that was originally purchased by Joseph and Russie Patrick in 1923. In 1969, the grandson, Cecil Jr. placed a mobile home on the property for his family. The family saw the need for affordable housing and the family dug every trench and laid every pipe by hand.
Hussey Motors
Richard H. Hussey Sr. opened Hussey Motors in 1950.  Michael Hussey joined the business in 1981 and in 1986, Richard’s other son, Rick joined the business.
Stevens Law Firm
In 1948-49, James Stevens enrolled at the University of South Carolina under the GI Bill. He went onto USC's Law School, obtaining his law degree and returned to Loris to set up his law practice. In addition to his law practice, James served in the SC Senate. In 1973, his son Jimmy graduated from USC's Law School and joined the practice. In 1986, James retired from the practice but remained with the law firm as “of counsel.”
Dew’s Appliances
Since 1947, Dew's, a family-owned appliance and HVAC business, has been a local tradition in North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding North and South Carolina communities.
Hoskins Restaurant
Hoskins Restaurant has been a staple in the North Myrtle Beach area for almost 70 years. It was opened in 1948 by Hubert and Leona Hoskins. Today, the restaurant continues to be staffed and run by family members.
Lazelle’s Flower Shop
The flower shop was opened in in 1946 by Lazelle and O.C. DuBois. The shop was given to their daughter Lyticia Wesner in 1983, and then passed down to her daughter, the current owner Chrisie Jollie. For 71 years Lazelle’s Flower Shop has been a family enterprise.
Galivants Ferry Store
The Galivants Ferry Store was opened in 1869 by Joseph William Holiday and became an essential store for farmers in the area. Bartering for goods was common during the depression. The store supplied just about anything until the late 70’s. Today it is a convenience store owned by Billy Holiday, Betty Holliday McLeod, Judson Holliday, Christy Holliday Douglas, and Russell Holliday. They are the fourth generation to own the store.
Oliver’s Restaurant
In 1964, George Alton Oliver Sr. and George Alton Oliver Jr. opened a meat market and grocery store known as the Waccamaw Superette. With the local mill workers coming in for lunch sandwiches, the decision was made to put in a grill and change the name to Oliver’s Lunchette. In 2002, the name was again changed to Oliver’s Restaurant. Four generations of Oliver’s have worked in the restaurant.
Jamestown Grocery & Restaurant
Carlsyle Marlowe originally opened Jamestown Grocery & Restaurant as a grocery store and gas service station in 1962. Later the service station was closed down, enclosed and turned into a restaurant. Today the business is incorporated with daughter Beverly as the president. Both mom & dad who are in their 80’s can often be seen helping out. Dad will even run the cash register.
Pine Lakes Country Club
Pine Lakes Country Club was founded in 1927 and became known as the “granddaddy”. This club has a rich history and is significant for its association with the growth of Myrtle Beach.
Blanton Building Supplies
Ford’s Propane and Fuel
Ocean Drive Barbershop
Ocean Drive Barbershop celebrated with Horry County Architectural Review and Historic Preservation (BAR), North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and customers at the receipt of a Legacy Business Award from the BAR.
The owners of Boulineau’s receive a Legacy Business Award from Jamie Thompkins, chair of the Horry County Board of Architectural Review and Historic Preservation.
Latimer’s Funeral Home
At the age of 92, Mrs. Edna Latimer still helps her sons Marvin and George to run Latimer’s Funeral Home, which was started in 1924 by her husband, the late George Latimer.
HTC was founded in 1952 and is now the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperative. Councilman Bellamy celebrates with HTC and the BAR at their Legacy Business Recognition ribbon cutting ceremony.
Johnson Furniture Manufacturing Company
Since 1954, Johnson Furniture Manufacturing Company, a family-owned business has been proudly producing all goods in the USA. Jess and Norton are the third generation to run the company.
Friendly Barber Shop
In 1958, Jerome Thomas opened the Bamboo Barber shop on 1403 Carver Street in Myrtle Beach. The business was later renamed the Friendly Barber Shop, due to Jerome’s positive attitude, encouraging words, and ever-present smile. In 1966, Ella “Dolly” Thomas Dolly joined the business as the only female barber. Jerome died in 2007, leaving Dolly to run the business with the help of Franklin Tucker, a dedicated employee for over 45 years.
Palmetto Farms
James and Irene Graham started Palmetto Farms in 1934. James started milling for his own use. Eventually he developed relationships with restaurants and shop owners around the state for bulk corn meal. Corn meal and grits have been the business staples since the beginning. Palmetto Farms has remained in the family with the three current owners being Austin David Dorman, third generation and his two sons, Andrew and Devin, the fourth generation involved with the business.
Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union
On April 28, 1958, the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Federal Credit Union (MBAFB), was established to provide needed financial services to the civilian and military personnel serving at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. The MBAFB Credit Union was originally a part-time operation with one employee located in a one-room office in the base combat support facility. With the announced closure of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in 1991, the MBAFB Credit Union changed its name to Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union. Pictured: Joel Carter; Member-Horry County Historic Preservation Commission, August; Brand Ambassador, Tim Carlisle; President/CEO, B.Michael Marlowe; Board Chairman, Tim Vogel; Chief Financial Officer, Jessica Wilson; Chief Development Officer, Susan Platt; Vice-Chair-Horry County Historic Preservation Commission (not pictured from Carolina Trust Executive Management Christina Naylor; COO)
Vereen's Stores
In 1962 Frankie and Linda Vereen bought a general store and renamed it Vereen’s Stores. It has been a family store since then and is currently owned and operate by two of Frankie and Linda's children.
Waterway Furniture CO.
The children of James and Sarah Jordon, now operate Waterway Furniture Co. which their parents bought in 1965. In 1992 a fire destroyed the store so the business was operated out of the warehouse until a new store could be built.
A. O. Hardee & Sons
A. O. Hardee & Son has been in operation since 1955 and is a general and specialty contractor.
Surfside Realty Co
Surfside Realty Co. was started in 1962 by Emil & Miriam Servant. Emil Servant III is the current owner and the business celebrated 60 years on October 7, 2022.
WLSC Tiger Radio
WLSC Tiger Radio has operated from Loris since they first signed on the air in August of 1958.


Started in 2007, the Horry County Cemetery Project is Horry County’s attempt to inventory, map, and preserve every gravesite in every historic cemetery in the County, even those that may have been lost for decades. The project attempts to record all names, dates of birth and death, lineage, epitaphs, symbols, and condition from every gravesite in every historic cemetery in Horry County, as well as photograph each gravesite and digitally map the cemeteries using GIS tools. Unmarked graves are also found and permanently marked using ground penetrating radar. The project was undertaken to: (1) protect historic properties at the local level; (2) protect historic properties from encroachment and growth pressures; (3) create greater interest in historic preservation; and, (4) create the necessary framework for local level protection. We are always looking for volunteers to help with this project!

High school students create local history related videos, telling the story of a building or a site within Horry County. Judged and award prizes by the BAR.
High School Video Contest Application

State-wide program that honors families who have owned and farmed the same land for at least one hundred years. There are currently 18 farms in Horry County that have received this designation.

Historic Preservation Plan

The Horry County Historic Preservation Plan was unanimously adopted by Horry County Council on January 19, 2021 and made part of the Horry County Comprehensive Plan. This update to the 2013 Historic Preservation Plan is in accordance with the goal to review and update the Preservation Plan. In addition to the future preservation activities, the Plan also details the past of Horry County and its development into one of the most heavily visited tourist areas in the country. This updated Plan uses more GIS analysis to better understand the preservation needs of the County and its implementation, illustrates the commitment and vision of Horry County to preserving its very unique and diverse cultural heritage.

You can now watch all meetings of the Historic Preservation Commission


If you have questions, or would like more information on the HPC and its projects, please contact Desiree Jackson, Senior Planner with Horry County Planning & Zoning at PGEgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmphY2tzb25kQGhvcnJ5Y291bnR5c2MuZ292Ij5qYWNrc29uZEBob3JyeWNvdW50eXNjLmdvdjwvYT4=