Treatment Courts

The Fifteenth Circuit Treatment Courts are judicially supervised programs that reduce correctional costs, enhance community safety and improve public welfare. In Treatment Court, seriously addicted individuals remain in treatment for nine (9) to eighteen (18) months while under close supervision. To ensure accountability, Treatment Court participants are regularly and randomly tested for substance use; required to appear frequently in court for the Judge to review their progress; required to attend weekly treatment sessions; rewarded for meeting goals, and sanctioned for not meeting clearly stated obligations.

The 15th Circuit Treatment Courts restore lives, reunite families and make communities safer all while saving taxpayers money.

Horry County and Georgetown County Drug Court

Drug Court is a judicially supervised treatment program that benefits both the abuser and the community by breaking the bonds of addiction and reducing the cost to the criminal justice system. Drug Court is an alternative to traditional prosecution and incarceration of non-violent offenders with substance abuse problems. The program is designed to promote self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. Participation in this program requires the client to make a long term commitment of a minimum of nine (9) to eighteen (18) months to successfully complete. The participant must be motivated to change and willing to commit to a more responsible lifestyle.

Horry County Mental Health Court

The mission of the Horry County Mental Health Court is to develop a partnership between the mental health and criminal justice communities. This partnership addresses the specialized needs of offenders with serious mental illness, thereby reducing recidivism rates, promoting public safety and improving the quality of life for the offenders by establishing mandatory, comprehensive, community based treatment and services within the guidelines of the Horry County Mental Health Court.