CHANGE Program

The Change Program targets first time juvenile offenders who have been charged with non-violent criminal offenses. The program has been designed to divert these juveniles away from the court system and provides them a learning experience that encourages better choices and challenges their character development. It allows them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and clear their record. Early intervention benefits the community, family, and at risk individuals.

How does the participant enter the CHANGE Program?

A participant may be referred to the Juvenile CHANGE Program by the Family Court Solicitor. 

What are the requirements of CHANGE?

  • Program fees in the amount of $50.00 (payble by money order or debit/credit card)
  • Attend a lifeskills education program
  • Impact of Crime Writing Assignment
  • Restitution (if applicable)


Successful Completion

Upon successful completion, the charge(s) are then dismissed. The Solicitor, DJJ, Police Department, Attorney, and victim are notified of juvenile’s successful completion.

Unsuccessful Completion

Juveniles who fail to meet all goals will be unsuccessfully completed and referred back to Family Court for prosecution.

Out of Area Participants

The participant will be provided with assistance in locating resources in their area to successfully complete the program requirements.