Diversion Programs

The Solicitor’s Intervention Programs were established by South Carolina statute in an effort to encourage individuals to make a positive contribution to the community while affording the participant an opportunity for a second chance and ultimately deter future criminal behavior.

The programs are offered as a diversion to ordinary prosecution. Entrance into a diversion program is not an admission of guilt nor is it considered a plea. Participation in a diversion program is voluntary. While participating in a diversion program, the active case remains pending. However, upon completion of the diversion program, the charges are dismissed with the option of expungement.

Pretrial Intervention (PTI) is a diversion program established by State statute that allows a person charged with a crime the opportunity to examine his or her conduct and lifestyle, pay something back to the community, and avoid a criminal record and prosecution.

The Alcohol Education Program (AEP) was established in South Carolina to specifically target the problems and risks of underage drinking by placing the responsibility on the defendants regarding the choices they make through education while giving him or her the opportunity to have their charge(s) dismissed.

Traffic Education Program (TEP) was established in South Carolina in an effort to make our highways safer through driver’s education while giving the participant an opportunity to have their ticket(s) dismissed.

The Juvenile Arbitration Program (JAP) is a community-based program that provides fast track accountability for first-time juvenile offenders charged with committing a non-violent crime. Trained volunteer arbitrators conduct the hearings and monitor the juveniles’ progress throughout the program, which is authorized to operate by Solicitor’s Offices in all 16 Judicial Circuits in South Carolina.

The CHANGE Program targets first time juvenile offenders who have been charged with non-violent crimes. The program has been designed to divert these juveniles away from the court system and provides them a learning experience that encourages better choices and challenges their character development. It allows them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and clear their records. Early intervention benefits the community, family, and at risk individuals.

The Juvenile Diversion Program (JDP) targets juveniles that have been charged with a criminal offense. The program was designed to divert the juvenile from the court system and place them in services. It allows the juvenile the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and clear their record. The juvenile meets with the case manager no less than once per month to address problems and goals for an average of three (3) to six (6) months. The length of the program depends on the progress of the juvenile.

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