Hiring & Recruiting

We are always looking for qualified applicants to join our team of Corrections Officers at J Reuben Long Detention Center. Apply online


Applicants must complete each of the following before they are hired… 

  1. Written Exam 
  2. Physical Agility Test
  3. Background Investigation 
  4. Credit Check 
  5. Oral Interview
  6. Medical Exam 

If you have any questions about the hiring process contact,
Cpl. Antonio Soto 


Phase One: This includes the completion of a six-week training program, conducted at the facility.

  1. Direct Supervision Theory and Applications
  2. Roles and responsibilities of a correctional officer
  3. Ethics
  4. Contraband
  5. Defensive Tactics
  6. Restraint Techniques
  7. Booking and releasing inmates
  8. Reporting and record-keeping
  9. Supervising Inmates
  10. Emergency Procedures
  11. CPR/First Aid
  12. Gangs
  13. PREA

Phase Two

The officer must complete a three-week Basic Jail training course at the SC Criminal Justice Academy within their first year of employment.

  • Corrections Officers work a 12.25-hour shift.
  • Day shift (6 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
  • Night shift (6 p.m. - 6 a.m.)
  • Rotating weekly schedule (Week A - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; Week B- Wednesday and Thursday.)
  • The Detention Center provides a minimum of 40 hours of annual training for all corrections officers.