Burial Information

National Cemeteries

Veterans and service members who meet eligibility requirements, and their dependents, may be buried in one of the Veterans Administration’s National Cemeteries. Currently, there are three national cemeteries in South Carolina in Beaufort, Florence and Fort Jackson. A headstone or marker is provided to the surviving spouse if he/she is buried in a National Cemetery. The VA began issuing medallions in 2009 for Veterans if the family already purchased a headstone for private burial. The medallion is mounted to the stone with the Veteran's branch of service indicating they were a Veteran of that branch.

Headstones or Markers

The Veterans Administration provides headstones and markers at no charge for service members who die while on active duty and for eligible Veterans.

Military Funeral Honors

Military members and eligible Veterans may be provided military funeral honors consisting of the folding and presentation of the United States flag and the playing of Taps by either a bugler, if available, or by electronic recording. A detail consisting of two or more uniformed members of the Armed Forces will perform the ceremony, if requested by the family.

Reimbursement of Burial Expenses

The Veterans Administration will pay a burial allowance up to $2,000 if the Veteran’s death was service-connected. If the Veterans death is non service-connected the award is $700 if the Veteran was hospitalized at the VAMC at the time of death. If the Veteran was not hospitalized at the VAMC at the time of death, and was in receipt of monetary benefits, the payment is $300 for burial and funeral expenses and $700 for a plot allowance, if not buried in a VA, state or military cemetery. If the Veteran passed away at a VAMC facility, the VA pays most transportation costs from the VAMC to the cemetery. There is no reimbursement for funeral/burial expenses for a surviving spouse.

Our office or the funeral home will be able to assist with the above benefits.