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Master In Equity

The Office of the Horry County Master in Equity, or Equity Court, is a division of the South Carolina State Circuit Court. The Judge of the Equity Court, also known as the Master in Equity, decides cases in which equitable relief is being sought (ie: foreclosures, partitions, accountings, supplemental proceedings, etc.) and such other non-jury matters referred to it by order of the Circuit Court. Judge Alan D. Clemmons was appointed to a six year term as Master in Equity for Horry County by Governor Henry McMaster upon nomination by the Horry County Delegation and ratification by the South Carolina General Assembly. Judge Clemmons commenced his service as Master in Equity on February 28, 2022.

Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure Sales in Horry County are conducted at 11:00am on the first Monday of each month unless that day is a holiday. In that event the Foreclosure Sale will be held on the first Tuesday of that month.

Your 5% deposit will be forfeited if you purchase a property at the Foreclosure Sale or Upset Bid Sale and do not pay the remainder of your successful bid-price by the 30th day following the close of the sale (Compliance Date).

For a foreclosure with "deficiency demanded" the sale will remain open for 30 days following the Foreclosure Sale for an “Upset Bid Sale”. A bidder may upset the Foreclosure Sale high bid by participating in the Upset Bid Sale and bidding more than the original high bidder, normally the lender, at the foreclosure sale and thereby purchase the property. The lender is disqualified from bidding at the upset bid sale.

You can view our foreclosure listings and court rosters on South Carolinas Public Index.

Master In Equity

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