Upset Bid Sale

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Attention first-time successful bidders: If this is your first time as a successful bidder with the Master-in-Equity Court, please note that you will be required to bring a certified funds check made payable to Horry County Master-in-Equity Court for $2500 to pay toward your deposit at the close of bidding for your property. Additionally, the remainder of the 5% of the bid will be due by noon the following day. Having these funds available at the time of sale is important to ensure a successful bid. If such funds are not paid at the close of the bidding, the property will be re-sold immediately.

Properties listed on this site are provided as convenience, to assist in performing your due diligence before bidding! This list is not guaranteed in accuracy or to be comprehensive of properties offered at a given sale. Properties included in a given sale are subject to change at anytime prior to the start of a sale.
Case Number Address Land Records Notice of Sale Judgment Base Judgment Amount Type of Lien Deficiency Sale*
2023CP2606764 321 Kildare Court, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 Link View View Judgment $74,875.22 Mortgage Yes

What are deficiency sales (Upset Bid Sales)?

Some Plaintiffs seek a deficiency judgment against the Defendant. This means the Plaintiff is not only foreclosing its mortgage but also seeks a personal money Judgment against the Defendant, for any shortfall between the debt and the sale amount. If a deficiency judgment has been demanded, the plaintiff will bid its’ maximum bid in the Principal Sale, the sale will be continued until the Upset Bid Sale, thirty days later. The plaintiff cannot participate as a bidder at the Upset Bid Sale, where the sale will be finalized by selling the property to the highest bidder. These sales are held at the Horry County Government & Justice Building, 1301 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor, Conway, SC 29526.