Hazmat Response Team

The Horry County Fire Rescue Hazardous Materials Technical Rescue Response Team has been established since 1993. The Hazmat Team is trained and equipped to respond to the threat and/or deployment of nuclear, chemical, biological and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents.

The Hazmat Team operates from Station 23 (University), which is centrally located within the county.

The most common types of calls the Hazmat Team responds to involve acid spills, gasoline spills, chemical spills, and chlorine and vapor leaks. Common household calls often involve BBQ grill propane tanks and natural or propane gas leaks in pipes or appliances.

The Hazmat Team operates with a fully outfitted Hazmat vehicle to store and transport the various equipment and protective gear necessary for hazardous materials emergencies.

The Hazmat Unit often trains with the Horry County Police Department’s Special Operations Units on WMD issues and provides hazardous materials training to other local agencies. The Hazmat Unit also works with several local, regional and federal agencies to develop protocols for different types of hazardous material emergencies. These multi-agency partnerships have been strengthened to foster interagency knowledge, as well as to develop an understanding of what each agency’s role is in an emergency situation.