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Patient Billing​

As of June 15, 2015 Horry County Fire Rescue does not handle patient billing in-house. We contract with DigiTech to handle all patient billing processes, questions and issues. We’ve included links below to ask questions, provide insurance information or make payments.

To pay a bill online by credit card or provide insurance information please visit: HTTPS://HORRY.PAYAMBULANCE.COM

You may also call Digitech direct to provide information or request a copy of a bill at 1-844-292-2771.

Billing policy is set by Horry County Council. If you need to receive a copy of a bill or make a payment for a service before June 15, 2015 then contact our main administration office at 843-915-5190.

How to obtain a copy of a Patient Care Record

Horry County Fire Rescue Department strictly follows patient privacy laws

Patients as well as parents or guardians of minor patients may receive a copy of their patient care record (PCR) in person at the business office at 2560 N Main St., Conway, SC. Required:

  • Legal photo ID
  • Legal document granting authority (Power of Attorney, executor of will/estate, death certificate, etc.)
  • Completed Authorization for Release of Patient Record form. Final signature must be done in the office.

Alternatively, a designee may receive a PCR copy via mail by sending a Notarized Authorization for Release of Patient Record form via U.S. Mail and a photo copy of the legal document granting authority.

Law Offices may receive a copy of a PCR with a Notarized Authorization for Release of Patient Record form. Also acceptable is a signed release from patient with HIPPA approved forms. Law offices may pick up in person or via U.S. Mail. Faxes are not accepted.

Judge-Signed Papers (court orders, warrants, etc.) allow release of PCR without other documentation.

Horry County Fire Rescue Administration

2560 N. Main St

Suite 1

Conway, SC 29526