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The Horry County Assessor's Office appraises and lists all real property for taxation and maintains ownership information. It reviews legal residence (or primary residence) applications, agriculture assessments, and many other ownership functions.

Manufactured Homes

In the state of South Carolina, manufactured homes are owned and transferred by Title through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).  The only exception is if the manufactured home is De-titled.

Please see below a breakdown of the Assessor’s requirements for manufactured home licensing (registration) and relocation. All requirements are based off of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles guidelines and the South Carolina Code of Laws.

Manufactured Homes PDF

These are  state mandates
  • Once the Title has been obtained or applied for through the SCDMV, it must be licensed (registered) in the county that it resides. License must be presented to electric supplier before electricity connection. Manufactured homes are licensed (registered) in the Assessor’s Office.?
  • A decal must also be purchased and placed on the manufactured home.?
  • Every time the manufactured home is transferred, the above process must be repeated.?
  • If a manufactured home is to be relocated, statutory procedure must be followed. Moving permits are issued by the Assessor’s office.?


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