How can I find and get in touch with my State Representative or Senator?

Contact information is available below and at Find Your Legislators and Delegation Page on the SC State House and Senate websites.

I am having problems obtaining service from a state agency. How can your office help?

The Delegation Office performs a variety of research and investigative tasks for legislators and constituents. Work is not limited to state agencies and may include contact with federal and local government agencies.

How can I become a Public Notary in Horry County?

Applications are available at the Legislative Delegation Office and at Notaries | SC Secretary of State. See our Notaries page for more detailed information.

When does the Legislative Delegation meet?

The Delegation meets at the call of the Chair, normally once in the fall and once in the spring, and can be at various sites throughout the county and in Columbia as well. For meeting times, call the Delegation Office.

Can I speak and/or present at a Legislative Delegation meeting?

Legislative Delegation meetings are open to the public; however, the meetings are limited in time, and not all presentations and/or requests will be on the agenda. Approved agenda items will be permitted five (5) minutes to present, which includes question and answer time. Please email the Delegation office with the following information: title of presentation (if applicable), presenter’s name and title (in applicable) or constituent’s name, address, contact number and email, and topic of discussion. The Delegation office will contact presenters and public input requests that are approved for the agenda.

How can I request assistance for a road in Horry County

Applications are available via Horry County Transportation Committee Road Form Application and must be returned to the Delegation Office.