Socastee Area

In June 2021, Horry County received a CDBG-MIT grant from the South Carolina Office of Resilience Disaster Recovery Division for the voluntary buyout of homes in the Socastee area that had experienced repetitive loss due to flooding.  To formally apply for the program, please click the button below, complete the application, and return it to:

Horry County Community Development
100 Elm Street
Conway, SC29526

Applications will be review for eligibility for program enrollment. Following eligibility review, a program manager will contact you regarding proceeding with the enrollment process.

Please note that application to this program does not guarantee that you will receive a buyout offer for your property, nor does the completion of an application require you to accept a buyout if it is offered.

If you wish to speak with a staff member about the program, please contact the Community Development Office at 843-915-7033.

Horry County Buyout Process Flow Chart

Contract Start-up (In-House) (30 – 60 days)
Negotiation/ Regulatory Review
Procurement of Services
Education/ Communication Plan
Enrollment (In-House) (30 – 45 days)
Prioritize and placed in batches based on predetermined and ranked criteria.
Beneficiary Intake (In-House & Consulting) (2 – 4 months)
  • Title/ Residency Documentation
  • Income/ Citizenship
  • Environmental Review
  • Duplication of Benefits
Real Estate Valuation to Closing (Consulting) (3 – 6 months)
  • Appraisal
  • Offer
  • Title Work
  • Appeal
  • Closing
Relocation & Demolition (Consulting) (30 – 60 days)
Coordinate move with tenants and homeowners
Demolish and stabilize until reuse