Juror Information

Horry County
Circuit Court

You will have received either a pink or a green summons like the examples below. All others will report elsewhere.

The State Election Commission provides our county with a list of potential jurors each year. The names are collected from voter's registration; driver's license and state issued identification cards. Jurors for each term are then selected through random computer selection. Notices are mailed approximately 20 days in advance of the term.

Jurors are to park in any available space around the judicial complex. Jurors are to report to the jury pool room located on the first floor

Jurors are paid $15.00 per day for each day they appear at the courthouse. You are also paid 20.5 cents per mile to and from your home to the courthouse. You will be given a debit card when you arrive which will be loaded with your pay by the end of the day on the Friday that you are to appear. An excuse is available for any juror at the Clerk of Court's office after your service has concluded. Unless it is a special term of court, jury duty usually lasts only one week

It is up to each employer whether they pay you while you are on jury duty. You will need to check with your employer to what their policy is.

How to Dress

  • No shorts
  • No Tank Tops
  • No Flip Flops
  • No Cell Phones or Pages
  • Weapons of any type or any pointed objects are not allowed on the courthouse premises.
  • No Mace

If you have any questions, please call 843-915-6743.